Owch Edgy is a section created by Ket_Overkill and was added on April 3rd, 2019.


The section features many right triangles and one isosceles triangle at the end. The isosceles triangle has a neon triangle rotating into itself.


  • Jump quickly onto the other part of the triangle (with the neon triangle on it) to avoid hitting it and jump on the last platform to get to the next section. Timing matters.


  • This is the 146th section in THE Tower of Hell, formerly the 133rd.
  • This section replaced Sweet Sweat in THE Tower of Hell. However, it got replaced with Parallel Ascension which Range then replaced for an unknown reason. Later on April 23rd, 2020, it was brought back into the game.
  • This section by Ket_Overkill (along with Lilypads, which was also removed) are one of the first sections to be added back into the game.
  • The original color used to be dark gray. It got made into emerald green for an unknown reason.
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