One Side is a section created by Ordinary_Fiesta and was added on an unknown date.


One Side consists of dozens of small, square platforms, with half of each platform being neon. The first few platforms are attached to the walls; the platforms then come away from the walls and cross the middle of the section. The neon sides on the platforms that cross the middle differ from platform to platform in a random pattern. The final portion of this section consists of wall platforms in a pattern similar to the first third of this section. 


  • Jump carefully. 
  • Don‘t rush. This is shorter than it looks. 
  • Watch out when you get to the blocks in a straight line. Some of them are in the opposite direction. 
  • Use Shift lock, if not, then use first person. 


  • It is the 112th section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • The finishing platform used to be directly in front of the starting platform but then was changed to be on top of the starting platform making this whole obstacle course only on one side.
  • This section’s original name was "Careful".
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