Tower of Hell Wiki

One Quarter is a section created by KnuIIify and was added on October 1st, 2021.


This dark purple section starts with a one-stud thin platform that tilts upward then flattens out. A killpart is placed on the tilted part of this platform. A tall killpart stands at the end of the platform. There is then another platform to the right of the tall killpart with a killpart on it. A pole with a small platform behind it is attached to the end of this platform. The player must do a wraparound to get to the small platform behind the pole, and then hop onto the top of the pole.

Once the player is on top of the pole, there is a short platform that is connected to the platform below it by a pole. Then, there is another short platform to the left of the tall killpart that is connected to the first platform by a pole.

Traversing through these small platforms will lead to a thin platform that leads to another thin platform, this one with a pole on the right and left sides of it. There is a killpart on the right side of the platform, near the right pole. The right pole of the platform leads to the end of the section.


  • If the low gravity mutator is applied, you can jump directly from the first platform to the short platform connected to it from above, skipping half of the section.