"Gone. Reduced to atoms."
This section is a deleted section which is scrapped and can no longer seen ingame unless it gets readded. Don't hesitate to edit this page if something is missing.

Oddly Satisfying is a now-removed section created by Theorywork and was added on October 21, 2019.


This section may look very cool, but is even hard for some pros. This section is a light blue colored section and features many platforms spinning around the center. As you hop on to the spinning platforms, they start to come together. After, you have to do boomerang jumps around the spinning platforms, which can be tricky for beginners. Also, when you go further into the middle, the platforms start to spin faster. Lastly, you have to hop on to a platform, which leads you to the end of the section.


It was removed because the creator, Theorywork, wanted his sections (Oddly Satisfying and Wasp Nest) removed from the game.


  • Make sure you have the correct timing or you'll fall down.
  • When you get to the middle, go in First Person, or use Shift Lock for the best performance to do the boomerang jumps.
  • If the boomerang jumps are too hard for you, buy the low-gravity mutator to make it easier.


  • Before it was removed, it was the tallest section in-game, but currently, The Halo by Precession is the tallest section in-game.
  • This section replaced No by Archimetropolis, but then this section got replaced by Prop Jump by DerHausaufgabe in THE Tower of Hell.
  • This section looks similar to Eternity by jiravich but the spinning circles are in different sizes and speeds.
  • This section lagged the game mostly for people with low end devices.
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