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Obbyists Peak is a section created by ObrenTune and was added on June 30th, 2018.


This white section starts with two pathways the player must walk across. This leads to a tower with four trusses the player must climb up until they reach the top of the tower.

There is then a curved slanted truss at the front of the top of the tower. The player must walk across this curved slanted truss to reach a platform at the right of the ending platform.


  • To pass the section faster, jump to the second-level truss then jump to the truss sticking out to the exit. After you get onto the truss, jump onto the curved truss. This is a shortcut widely used by many players.
  • You can jump straight from the curved part of the truss onto the finishing platform of the section.


  • This is the 14th section in The Tower of Hell.
    • It used to be the 163rd section in The Tower of Hell before it was reduced from 210 sections to 17 sections.
  • The tower in the section is similar to The Tower, but it has a third layer and there are trusses instead of ladders.
  • It is possible to complete this section without jumping.
  • This section is the same color as Overcomplicated.
  • The name of this section is grammatically incorrect as there should be an apostrophe after "Obbyists" or in-between the "t" or "s". Therefore the correct name for this section would either be "Obbyists' Peak" or "Obbyist's Peak".
    • However, this is also due to the font for the section name not having apostrophes.