Not to be confused with Outside, another Secret Section created by PyxlDev.

Nice View is a secret section created by PyxlDev and was added on an unknown date.


Nice View is a medium stone grey section. Half of the walls in this section have windows so you can see outside of the tower, hence the name "Nice View".

It starts with two trusses that leads to some large platforms for you to stand on. Then the player must jump over some gaps to get to the end and jump between some platforms that are tilted in different angles.


  • Even though the section name is "Nice View", you cannot go outside, as the windows are still solid walls.
  • This is one of the 16 secret sections in Tower of Hell.
  • This section looks a bit like a measuring cup from the outside.
List of all Sections in Tower of Hell
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Sections (Arranged Alphebetically)

A - D:
Abstract, Aectic, All Around, Amazon Bridges, Animous, Aura, Balance, Balls, Barrier Breach, Blades, Blender, Boardway Breakaway, Branching Out, Bridges, Bullseye, Cant Stop, Careful Climbing, Catch Zone, Checkerboards, Checkered, Chevron Jumps, Choices, Circle Climb, Climb, Close Shave, Combined, Contrast, Conveying, Corner Catch Zone, Crimson Dive, Criss Cross, Crossing Stairs, Cylinder Chaos, Decisions, Disco, Dizzying Paths, Dont Jump, Doom Balls, Dotted Line, Double Spinner, Dragons Walk, Drop

E - O:
Eternity, Faster Movement, Flames, Forced Hell, Golden Gates, Goofy, Gravitron, Half and Half, Hanging Bridges, Hard Boi, Hardy Snake, Hex, Hexagon Havoc, Hole in One, Hole In The Wall, Im Blue, In and Out, Inversion, Invert, Jump, Jurassic Forest, Karma, Left Right, Life on The Edge, Lilypads, Loop Jump, Loose Bricks, Loose Escalator, Lost, Maelstrom, Mountains, Movement, Neon, Neon Hell, No Gravity, Obbyists Peak, One Side, Orbit, Overcomplicated, Overlapped, Owch Edgy

P - S:
Pain, Parallel, Phantom, Pixels, Plates, Platforming, Points of the Compass, Powerline, Prop Jump, Pulsar, Purple Jungle, Purple Tower, Purple Trees, Push Away, Rack, Range, Red Cylinders of Doom, Red On Red, Rescale, Resize, Return to Sender, Ringularity, Ripple, Rubiks Cubes, Run Around Danger, Saturn, Scattered, Secret Agent, Shapes, Shimmy, Simplicity, Slide, Slippery Snake, Sloppy Jumps, Smashing, Snake, Somethin, Spiked Up, Spiky Cylinder, Spinning, Split Decision, Staircase, Stairs, Steep, Summit Climb, Sweeping Tower, Swirly Path, Switching Sides

T - Z:
Tango, The Agents Escape, The Agent Returns, The Block, The Challenge, The Death Blocks, The Factory, The Filter, The Halo, The Insult, The Meetup, The Message, The Phantoms Return, The Spinning Circles, The Spinning Duo, The Tower, Tick Tock, Trapped Slope, Trenches, Triangular, Trusst, Turn Around, Twisted Belt, Twister, Unstable Pathway, Up, Violet Violence, Vortex, Wall Climb, Wall Hug, Wall Wedges, Walls, Ways, Which One, Windmills, Yxle Terror

Other Sections

Secret Sections:
Anticipation, Blank, Cyclotron, Disco Floor, Gearbox, House, MiniTower, Minute, Neon Section, Nice View, Outside, pathRight, pathStraight, Tetris Game Night, Tic Tac Toe, The Vault

Removed Sections:
All Around (GeoXoro 15), Arrows, Checkered (GeoXoro 15), Dive, Dots, Expansion, Frightening Lightning, Hollow Cubes, Jello Yellow, Launchers, Lost in Space, No, Oddly Satisfying, Pancakes, Parallel Ascension, Pyramids, Rolling Around, Skyfalls, Slippery, Spinner, Springs, Sweeping, Sweet Sweat, Temple of Doom, Tight Squeeze, Timing, Tower Climb, Unstable, Volcano, Wasp Nest, Wave of Blobs, Wheels

Tower of Hell: Reborn Sections:
Across, Around, Ascent, Block of Death, Capsules, Checkerboards (JoshyMelons), Crosses, Dark Matter, Dash Across, Deadly Pipes, Dimensional, Dotted, Duck Down, Everest, Hang, Hard Targeted, Helix, Holes, Ice Cave, In The Way, Kanizsa, Ladders, Letters of ToH, Line, Line Traverse, Long Jumps, Maze of Spinners, Misery, Music, On the Truss, Paradise Village, Parkour Box, Pinball, Pulse, Purple Mountains, Puzzled Geometry, Spider, Spinning Around, Spiral, Split Mergers, Stable Platform, Star Balance, Steady, Stripes, Techno, The Blender, The Warm Up, Thin Line, Tight Jumps, Up and Down, Up Beat Shuffle

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