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"Why do I rarely see this section?"
This section, Neon Section, is a secret section. Secret sections are very rare and thus do not appear in towers often. They often have unique features that cannot be found in vanilla sections.
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Neon Section is a secret section created by uwuPyxl and was added on October 11th, 2019.


This neon white section looks like it is entirely made of killparts; however, they don't kill you, they just make the section hard to see when completing it because you lose your depth perception.

To complete this section, the player must jump forwards and onto the ramp and then walk up it to reach the end of the section.


  • When doing the jump at the start of the section, jump forwards as far as possible to make sure you reach.
    • You can also use shift lock and jump sideways because your avatar's feet are longer widthwise.


  • If you look at this section from the outside of the tower using shift lock, you can see two wedges that make up the floor and ceiling of the ramp.
    • These two wedges are also the largest blocks in the game in terms of size/volume.
  • On the bar of the side of the screen, the section is gray since this is likely the section's actual color. However, because the section is entirely neon, the section appears as neon white.
  • This section can act as a catch zone since the neon part is covering the entire section and you can walk on top of the top wedge.
  • Ironically, it is easier to complete and see this section with the foggy mutator.
  • This is the only section in the game to be made of only neon.
    • This is the only section to have walls made of neon.
    • This is the only section to have the starting and end platforms made of neon.