Not to be confused with Neon Hell by RandomPlayerONthis.

Neon is a section created by Archimetropolis and was added on an unknown date.


This blue section starts off with a cube you have to jump on. After, there are tons of cubes, having neon strips on the edges. This part can get tricky because of hitboxes.


  • Formerly, the first jump was infamous for being very difficult, being much higher than the one we see today.
    • The jump was nerfed and then nerfed again on March 4th, 2020, making the section much easier than it was before.
  • Before February 24th, 2020, this section was duplicated in THE Tower Of Hell, making it previously 142nd and 148th section. As there were 2 of them, the second one replaced Skyfalls. The 2nd one was replaced by Gravitron.
  • As of April 23rd, 2020, this is the 160th section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • This is the only section in the game that was ever duplicated in THE Tower of Hell.
  • This is the 160th section in THE Tower of Hell.
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