Mutators work like gears, but instead of only putting the effects for yourself, everyone gets these effects. They only last for one round. There are 9 different mutators.

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The mutators page (as of May 28th 2020)

Coin Bought Mutators

Low Gravity - Reduces global gravity by 25% (130 Yxles)

High Speed - Increases everyones speed by 25% (100 Yxles)

Lengthen - Adds another section (150 Yxles)

Fog - Makes everything foggy (150 Yxles)

Negative - Inverts Colors (150 Yxles)

Invincibility- No more kill parts (500 Yxles)

Coin Bought Gears

Speed Coil - Increases your speed (60 Yxles)

Gravity Coil - Reduces Gravity (80 Yxles)

Fusion Coil - Combines Speed and Gravity Coil (90 Yxles)

Trowel - Build your own path (40 Yxles)

Robux Bought Gears

Hook - You'll get hooked on this (35 R$)

Hourglass - Stops your perception time (35 R$)

Robux Bought Mutators

Bunnyhop - Makes everyone jump continuously (10 R$)

Checkpoint - Adds a checkpoint to every other stage (30 R$)

Double Coins- Doubles everyone's coin reward (45 R$)


200 Yxles (40 R$)

500 Yxles (95 R$)

2000 Yxles (360 R$)

10000 Yxles (1600 R$)

Double Coins - Doubles your reward (600 R$)

Skill Reset - Get your skill points back (300 R$)


Membership is a new feature. You can get exclusive benefits like

  • Access to all Mutators and Gears with Yxles
  • 500 daily coins
  • Two exclusive crowns
  • Exclusive Member title

You can buy Membership for a week for: 100 R$

You can buy Membership for a month for: 375 R$

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