"Where can I find this section???"
This section is a modded section. Modded Sections can only be accessed in VIP Servers. You might not have much info on these pages, but feel free to edit necessary information.
Oops, did you mean ToH Music Playlist?

Music is a modded section created by ApplePieNoob1 and added on July 5, 2019.


It is by the name, 13 music notes each spread apart with 6 lines, 12 if you count them all. Then it will lead to a staircase to go to the next section.


The best way to pass it is to go on the edge on the right or the left, switch sides if there is a kill brick. It's at high risk of you falling down, but it is the safest route of both.


  • This is a section you can find in Tower Of Hell Reborn.
  • When you look at the music notes, it shows these notes: A, A, F, F, E, E, G, A, A, F, G, G, E, C, C, A, F, B.
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