Tower of Hell Wiki

Mixture is a section created by BriefSerendipity and was added on February 1st, 2021.


This mustard yellow section starts with a ramp that leads to two rotating parts spinning sideways, leading to two phantom platforms on each side leading to a slow conveyor and a killpart spinner that has four detached parts, finally leading to two platforms that lead to a slow conveyor and the end of the section.


  • The final set of conveyors can be walked across, saving a bit of time.
  • Keep jumping on the rotating platforms so you don't fall off.
  • Go backwards on the beginning conveyors so that it will be easier to time your jump.
  • The phantom platforms disappear quickly, so don't stay on them too long.


  • This section contains most features in Tower of Hell sections, tying with Double Crossed.
  • There is an invisible block directly in front of the two rotating parts.
    • There is also an invisible block in the middle of the killpart spinners.