Minute is a secret section created by PyxlDev on 18th May, 2020.


This section is similar to Anticipation but is over six times the length and has conveyors on the stairs.

The section has stairs just like at the beginning of the tower but they take up about all of a pro tower! The conveyors lead you up to the next section.


  • Relax, there are no killparts anywhere.
  • Be in first person to avoid getting dizzy.
  • If you run forward, you will go up a lot quicker, but avoid falling off while you‘re at it.
  • It is highly recommended to use a speed coil and run forward, as it will almost halve the time that you need to finish this section. However, be careful, as you might fall off the edge.


  • This section has conveyors that are a new feature to the new sections.
  • This section is about 1/2 of a newbie tower.
  • This section is as rare as Anticipation.
  • The section's name may be a reference to how long it takes to get up the conveyors - one minute (or longer).
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