The Mini Tower

is a section created by ObrenTune and scripted by PyxlDev. It is one of the 16 secret sections in the game.


It is a gray section that shows a mini replica of the current tower in the game, with colors, start, and end (i.e. Start, One side, Mini Tower, Bridges, Truss, Wasp Nest, End). The YX logo is also in the tower on both start and end, with the Pulsing circle.

The tower also extends if more sections are added. For example, the mini-tower being on pro towers would show a mini 10 section tower. If it would appear on a 200 section tower, there would be a 200 section mini tower.

However, the section walls itself do not extend with a higher tower, so a min- tower that’s 15-200 sections high would go onto the sections above and possibly cause incompatibilities. If a 200 section min- tower were to appear on the top of the tower, it would extend outside the roof.

Mini TToH Tower

Initially, the mini tower was not in THE Tower of Hell, since PyxlDev did not put any of the rare sections in TToH. However, as of October 20, 2019, the section has been added as the 2nd to last section in the tower, giving a total of 152 sections since Anticipation. It is the only rare section (ignoring Anticipation) that is in TToH.


  • If you use Shift Lock at the bottom of the tower, you can see the bottom, as well as the top have the stairs.
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