The shop icon.

The Menu is a GUI where players can purchase Effects, Gears, Mutators and Coins (formerly Yxles) in Tower of Hell. The shop is the tab at the bottom right corner with the YXCeptional Studios logo showing the amount of coins you have.

Once you open the menu GUI, you will see four sections for settings, effects, gears, mutators, and coins, as well as the game's credits. The gears, mutators, coins and membership are part of the same section.


Mutators work like gears, but instead of only putting the effects for yourself, everyone gets these effects. They only last for one round. There are 9 different mutators.

Low Gravity - 130 coins - Makes everyone jump higher and fall slower by 25%.

High Speed - 100 coins - Makes everyone walk faster by 25%.

Foggy - 150 coins - Makes everything foggy.

Lengthen - 150 coins - Adds another section at the very bottom.

Invincibility - 500 coins - Prevents the player from dying from neon kill bricks. You will still fall through them though unless a regular part is underneath it.

Negative - 150 coins - Inverts all colours.

Bunny Hop - 10 robux (500 coins with membership) - Makes everyone jump continuously. Players will not jump while climbing ladders, in order to make the tower still possible. However, this mutator makes the section Don’t Jump impossible without invincibility, Tick Tock impossible and Gravitron harder than usual.

Checkpoints - 30 robux (400 coins with membership) - Gives everybody a checkpoint every 2 sections.

Double Coins - 25 robux (2000 coins with membership) - Different from the gamepass version of it, this mutator grants twice the amount of reward for everybody on the server for a single round.



Gear prices in Noob Towers

Gears are equipable items that change your gameplay. They only last until the end of the timer on your current tower or if you leave. There are 5 different types of gears including a secret one.


Gear prices in Pro Towers

Gears are cheaper in Noob Towers and more expensive in Pro Towers. The cost will be denoted by (Noob Cost) / (Pro Cost).

Gravity Coil - 80 coins / 152 coins - makes you jump higher. Allows double jump once upgraded with the correct skill. It can be upgraded in the skill tree for extra jump height and lower gravity.

Speed Coil - 60 coins / 120 coins - makes you move faster. It can also be upgraded in the skill tree for extra speed.

Trowel - 40 coins / 70 coins - places down paths and trusses to jump on, the platforms last for 5 seconds and take 8 seconds to recharge. Will place trusses instead of platforms once upgraded with the correct skill.

Fusion Coil - 90 coins / 150 coins- makes you jump higher and move faster. Can be upgraded for both jump height and speed.

Grapple Hook - 35 robux (80 coins / 152 coins with membership) - you cannot climb up using it, rather the primary purpose of this gear is to swing you around and catch yourself from falling via hooking a platform above. In the skill tree, it can be upgraded for the hook to reach farther.

Hourglass - 35 robux (90 coins / 180 coins with membership) - When you hold the hourglass vertical (upright) it does nothing, however turn it horizontally (sideways) and it will freeze every moving part, conveyor and disappearing platform in time.

Jump Coil - Obtained when opened the safe - Makes you jump infinitely. Unlike the other coils, this one cannot be upgraded on the skill tree.


The main way to obtain coins in Tower of Hell is by completing sections. For each tower, a possible 100 coins (noob towers) or 250 coins (pro towers) can be awarded, and the amount awarded per section increases exponentially. The maximum award is achieved when reaching the top. You will only receive coins (and XP) after the round resets. You can always buy coins in the shop for Robux if you don’t feel like completing towers for coins.

IMG 20200528 173318

100 Coins - 40 robux (Changed from 20)

500 Coins - 95 robux

2k Coins - 360 robux

10k Coins - 1600 robux (Changed from 1700)

Double Coins - 800 robux (Changed from 600) - doubles all coins gained from climbing towers. This increases the max reward from 100 (noob) or 250 (pro) coins per round to 200 (noob) or 500 (pro) coins per round.

Skill Reset - 300 robux (Changed from 200) - resets all your skill points. Past level 80, this becomes worthless as you will already have maxed out the skill tree.


Main article: Membership

Membership with Prices and its bonuses.

Tower of Hell has a subscription based membership where you pay weekly (or in the future every month or 3 months) for a few different bonuses exclusive to Tower of Hell members.

While your membership is active you will receive:

  • Floating Crown and Crown effects
  • 500 daily coins (yxles)
  • Member tag above your character (says "Member")
  • Exclusive availability to purchase Bunny Hop, Checkpoints, Double Coins, Hook and Hourglass for coins instead of robux

One Week - 100 robux (changed from 80)

One Month - 375 robux (changed from 300)


Most effects, besides the most prestigious, can be obtained by buying the effect boxes for 500 coins.


Common - 64%

Interesting - 24%


Effects Page

Epic - 10%

Legendary - 2%

Effect types:

2 colour trails (common)

Fading trails (interesting)

Solid colour trails (interesting/epic)

Radiances (epic)

Flames (epic)

Smoke (epic)

Rainbow versions (legendary)

Plastic coils (epic/legendary/exclusive)

Halos (EXCLUSIVE, can't be obtained through boxes):

Red Halo (THE Tower of Hell winners)

Pink Halo (Players who have maxed the skill tree by getting level 80)

Teal Halo (Owners of every single effect in the game obtainable from boxes)

Purple Halo (Players with every single badge obtained, this excludes THE Tower of Hell badges)

Green Halo (Owners of the Infinite Coins gamepass before it was removed)

Silver Halo (Tower of Hell builders)

Gold Halo (Tower of Hell admins)

Rainbow Halo (Owned by the 2 creators of Tower of hell, PyxlDev and ObrenTune)

Obrens Inferno (exclusive to ObrenTune one of the main developers of toh and to the people he wants to give, the halo is the the gold halo but with the logo of Obren's first tower game, OI:R)

[REMOVED] Blue Halo (Owners of the Explorer Badge)

[REMOVED] Orange Halo (Owners of the now removed Tourist Badge)

(They removed blue because it was too easy to obtain and orange as it distracted players from the game)

Titles (Exclusive, can't be obtained through boxes):

Builders, Mods, Admins, and Creators all have a custom title above their head for them to equip anytime they want. PinkLeaf also has one and is currently the only person who isn't a member of staff on the game to have it (he has the title "Sub to PinkLeaf" on his head)

Builder (Tower of Hell builders)

Admin (Tower of Hell admins)

Developer (Owned by the main developers of Tower of Hell)

Sub to PinkLeaf (Owned by PinkLeaf, Tower of Hell staff members and builders)

Follow PyxlDev on Twitch (given to the same people who have the Sub to PinkLeaf title)

Noob (Owned by PinkLeaf, FIre_Ball, DerHausaufgabe and kriswyy)

Member (given to Members)


IMG 20200528 172545

Shows the main 4 developers for Tower of Hell, and how they've contributed to the game. It also gives credit to Kevin MacLeod as some of the in game music is his but not made for the game.


  • There were removed mutators including Rainbow Fog, Bunny Hop (re-added), and Shrinking mutators.
    • Rainbow Fog still exists in the game, but can only be used by PyxlDev.
    • Shrinking removes a section of the tower.
    • Bunny Hop makes players repeatedly hop without control, which makes many sections much more challenging. Furthermore, unless invincibility is active, it is impossible to pass Don't Jump, as well as Trenches.
  • Coins were originally called "Yxles" from June 18, 2018, to August 2, 2019. This name was a reference to the game developers' group, YXCeptional Studios.
    • It is unknown why this name change occurred, but on March 2, YXCeptional Studios had changed their logo, but not their Coins icon.
      • The coins icon changed on the same day Yxles was renamed to Coins.
  • The Double Coins game pass was originally the Infinite Yxles gamepass (before Yxles were renamed to credits).
    • There was one time when both the Double and Infinite Yxles gamepasses were in the shop at the same time.
  • Low gravity used to cost 150 coins, before being lowered to 130 coins.
  • Formerly, the invincibility mutator used to cost 300 coins before being bumped up to 500 coins as confirmed in a Discord message for being "too overpowered". It was later bumped up to 800 coins in the badge update. It got changed back to 500 Coins for an unknown reason.
  • Formerly, kept gears could be used for another tower if the player did not complete the tower they were in. This feature has been removed with recent updates.
  • If you scroll down to the bottom of the effects section you will see some effects that are blanked out, these are the effects you haven't obtained yet. You won't be able to equip them as they are undiscovered but the name of the trail and the picture will show as a darker color.
  • There are 108 different effects currently.
  • In 12/24, it was 1000 coins per effect box, but now it is 500 coins per box.
  • Formerly, there was a chance to get a gear from an effect box. But, this was changed to only effects in each box.
  • The coils icon changed on February 23, 2020.
  • If you get a duplicate effect, the system will give you coins depending on the rarity of the duplicate.
  • The "Trail" is the only trail to not be named after its own color.
  • The gears in the pro tower used to be the same price as the one in the noob tower, but in an update, the gears in the pro tower became more expensive so people won't be able to grind coins that way.
  • According to a Discord message, Pyxl announced that the coils can be on both hands.
    • This turned out to be possible with the "Plastic Coil" effect. It will not double the strength of the coil, however, since it's just an effect.
  • It costs 1,180 coins and 75 robux or 4080 coins for members to buy all mutators in a single round.
  • It costs 270 coins (noob towers) or 492 coins (pro towers) alongside 70 robux to buy all gears in a single round.
  • The Pride Trail currently has the most colors consisting of 6 colors of the rainbow. This trail was released on pride month, June 1st, 2020.
  • The admins and owner still have both the blue and orange halos.
  • The owners have all halos, including unreleased halos.
  • Some mutators such as Checkpoints can only be purchased with membership and cannot be purchased for robux in the june 2020 update.
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