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Maelstrom is a section created by uwuPyxl and was added on an unknown date.


This dark lavender section contains a large spinning carousel shaped object resembling a maelstrom. The player needs to avoid several killparts after they enter the maelstrom. The player must make it to the truss and climb onto it which leads to the top of the maelstrom.

The player then needs to jump across the killparts on the top of the maelstrom and get to the truss that leads to the end of the section.


  • If this spawns as the first section, you can go onto the stairs and jump straight onto the truss, skipping half of the section.
  • It is recommended that players use sideways camera via shift lock so that they can see what obstacles come (only when you are inside the maelstrom).
  • If you have the truss part upgrade, you can place a truss in the middle part outside of the carousel to skip the last part. However, it is one of the hardest trowel skips to pull off.
  • You can also block the entire section with the trowel to stop it from spinning so you can complete the section a little faster.
  • When you’re at the top of the maelstrom you can just wait until you reach the truss at the end of the section. However, it is recommended not to wait if you want to complete the section faster.
  • Time your jumps carefully and position yourself correctly.


  • This used to be the 76th section in The Tower of Hell.
  • Along with Constant and Which One, the section is incompatible with all sections that end on the right meaning it causes a lot of incompatibilities.
  • This is the only vanilla section that has a transparent part.
  • This section can sometimes glitch and the main part can be way higher than it's supposed to be, making it impossible to complete without gears or mutators.