Lost in Space is a now-removed section created by JoshyMelons on December 7, 2018.


This section includes two ladders at the start you would need to climb, followed by another ladder you would need to climb to jump on 4 rotating 1 stud platforms. Then you'd need to jump on another 3 rotated ladders with kill-bricks on it and another 3 rotated square platforms with 1/4 size of the square platforms acting as a kill-brick, placed at the opposite sides above each other. With another 2 rotating Saturn-like platforms with a circle around the spherical kill-part.

Followed by 4/5 ladders with 1 kill-brick in it and 3-5 long length, you would need to jump on and 2 ladders to reach to the end of the section.


  • This section is filled with limited space and small platforms so be careful.
  • Take your time, try not to panic.
  • Try to make your device's screen brighter so that you can see the neon-bricks and avoid contact with them.


  • This was the 140th section (formerly 35) in THE Tower of Hell.
  • This section was created by a demoted builder, JoshyMelons who also got his other section, Sweet Sweat, removed from his insensitivity.
  • The Agent Returns by Precession replaced this section.
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