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"Where can I find this section?"
This section was a modded section.
The Tower of Hell: Reborn mod has now been removed, this section can no longer be seen in Tower of Hell.

Line Traverse is a modded section created by Orliminecraft and was added on July 5th, 2019 and removed on April 30th, 2021.


This teal section starts with 3 square platforms that lead to thin lines that go diagonally up and and some others that go horizontal. The player must follow them being careful to not fall off.

Then the player jumps onto a truss that leads to a final platform which takes the player to the end of the section.


  • Take your time on this section to avoid falling off from the platforms.


  • This section might have been based on Balance and Chevron Jumps, as they share some similarities.
  • There are many differences between the original model and the section in-game.[1]
    • The section's color used to be fossil. This was changed to teal in-game.
    • There used to be 3 killparts in the original version of the section. All of the killparts were removed in-game and the curated version of the section.
      • There used to be a spinning part with a killpart on the ends at the middle part, making the player go right. However, this was also removed.
    • The right pathway used to feature two long spinning parts to jump on to. This was changed to one long, diagonal, thin part in-game and in the curated version.
      • The two spinning parts used scripts rather than the regular hinge constraint that spinning parts use. This caused the parts to not stick to the player if they were to stand on them.
    • The middle part of the section was misaligned. This was realigned in-game and in the curated version of the section.
    • The end used to force you to take the right path. This was changed so that you can chose either route in-game and in the curated version of the section.
    • The trusses also used to be filled with a part in the curated version. This was changed so the truss is just by itself also in-game.
    • The sections name originally was undecided by Orliminecraft, so it was temporarily named "Choose a name im not creative enough". However, Archimetropolis decided the name of the section should be "Traversing" in the curated version of the section. Finally, the name was decided to be "Line Traverse" in-game.[2]
    • One of the trusses at the end are unanchored, causing it to fall when spawned. This was fixed in the curated version and in-game.
    • The trusses at the end used to go above the section. This was lowered as per section creation guidelines.
  • This is the only modded section created by Orliminecraft.



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