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Life on the Edge is a section created by doublec_squared and was added on June 18th, 2019.


This persimmon section starts with a small platform with a half of it being a killpart. The player must jump on to this platform to reach a long platform placed horizontally with two killparts the player must jump over. There is then a long platform also placed horizontally with the big majority of it being a killpart, only a small space of the platform is killpart-free. Then, there will be another long platform with two killparts that is placed horizontally too.

After these long platforms and killparts, there would be a long platform with two killparts exactly like the one mentioned before, with the only difference being that this time, it is placed diagonally. This will lead the player to a long platform, with the majority of the platform being a killpart. Then, there is yet another long platform with two killparts the player must jump over to reach two trusses the player must climb up to reach a ramp with two killparts the player must jump over to complete the section.


  • Do not over-power your jump, meaning do not press the forward key (W/Up Button) too long as the platforms and killpart-free platforms are very limited, and get on the platform at the right time.
  • In the beginning, jump to the left of the second platform, instead of going on the normal way. This could save a lot of time and make it easier.


  • This used to be the 174th section in The Tower of Hell.
  • This section is the same color as Cylinder Chaos, Rack and the removed section Temple of Doom.
  • This section, Points of the Compass, Red Cylinders of Doom and The Agents Deja Vu are the only sections that have four words in their name.
  • This section was first accepted but then it was declined due to the possibilities of incompatibility. However, it was accepted again since there was an additional platform, hoping it would decrease the possibilities of incompatibility.
  • Life on the Edge was initially planned to have two ways to beat it, one by the killparts and the platforms the other by constraints which were removed due to comments that the constraints were very messy.
  • In the model of the section, all the long parts with killparts in the section are referred to as "thing".[1]
    • There is another version of it in the Roblox Library referred to as 'The Dead Level Emerges' where it shares a few differences.[2]
      • The section starts with two trusses and a platform.
      • The section has been extended where it is unanchored. This could be an accident.