Life on The Edge is a section created by DcsRobloxer945 and was added on December 7, 2018.


This section includes bricks with kill-bricks on it.

To get past the first part of the sections, step on the smaller brick. Try to avoid contact with kill-bricks and jump on the next platform. Keep jumping until you reach the other side and then jump on the kill-brick-free space on the platform ahead. Go ahead straight, jumping on the platform and jumping forward to the other side.

Then jump on the kill-brick-free space on the platforms are jump to the other side of the platform avoiding the kill-bricks and climb the truss.

After that, you would have to jump on the platform again to reach the other side, avoiding the kill-bricks to reach the end of the section.


  • Do not over-power your jump meaning do not press the forward key (W/Up Button) too long as the platforms here and kill-bricks-free platforms are very limited, and get on the platform at the right time.
  • Do not panic as you might panic when you almost touch the kill-bricks.
  • Do not rush and try to have as much fun as possible.
  • Go on the right side, not the left.


  • This is the 138th section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • This section was first accepted but then was declined due to the possibilities of incompatibility but then was accepted again since there was an additional platform, hoping it would decrease the possibilities of incompatibility.
  • This section was the first section of DcsRobloxer945 to be accepted at the 1st trial using the 2nd system on building a section for the game.
  • Life on The Edge was initially planned to have 2 ways to beat it, one by the kill-bricks and the platforms the other by constraints which were removed due to comments that the constraints were very messy.
  • Another name for Life on the Edge is LoTE which was used a lot because the name is very long. Pronounced: (low-tuh)
  • This section is incompatible if this section appears again at the top.
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