Tower of Hell Wiki

Not to be confused with Tower of Hell's Sections.

Levels were added before the badge update. They help record how much you played and how skilled you are.

Leveling Up

Everybody starts off at level 0. You gain XP and level up by completing sections, the amount of XP you get per section completed increases exponentially as you progress up the tower.


The XP requirement to level up increases on a linear scale.

XP gained correlates to coins gained in a tower; 1 noob tower win (worth 100 coins) is required to get from level 0 to level 1, or the equivalent of earning 100 coins over the course of multiple towers. Therefore, we can say coins and XP are on a 1:1 ratio and set the two as equivalent.

100 XP (or 1 win) is required to get to level 1; 2 wins are required to get from level 1 to level 2 (for a total of 3 wins), 3 wins are required to get from level 2 to level 3, etc.

Extrapolating this data to higher levels, we can derive the cumulative XP required to level up as a function of x, using the formula y = x(x+1)/2, where y is the cumulative number of wins required, and x is the given level. To find the sum of the wins for a given level, we can use the formula y = (x^2+x)/2, where y is the total amount of wins required to reach that level, and x is the given level.

Using this formula, it can be derived that a total of 3240 noob tower wins are required to get from level 0 to level 80 in order to max one's skill tree, or 1296 pro tower wins (as pro towers award 2.5x as much XP upon completion in comparison to noob towers).

Skill Points

Each time you level up, you are rewarded with 1 skill point, which can be spent on your skill tree.

80 levels/skill points are required in order to max your skill tree which would grant you the pink halo and the Maxed badge.

The level cap of Tower of Hell is level 1,000,000; this means you cannot gain more skill points beyond this point.


  • The color of your XP bar is randomly generated depending on your in-game user ID.
  • You used to get multiple skill points from one level. This was changed alongside the update with the skill tree.