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Letters of ToH is a modded section created by Archimetropolis, which was added on July 5, 2019.


This section contains letters that form: "Tower of Hell", but with some neon on the letters. The first part of this section starts off with the player jumping onto the first word: "Tower". On each letter, there is neon kill parts on them, making the player avoid them. After passing the word: "Tower", There is a truss which then leads to the second word: "Of". Neon kill parts are once again on the letters. Passing the word: "of", another truss is there. A path then takes you to yet another truss and a path again. Now, you reach the final word of ToH, "Hell". Yet again, neon is on the letters. Once passing all the words, you are taken to the next section.


  • Always try to stay focused and don't get distracted.


  • The form of the letters spell HELL TOWER OF.
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