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Legos Struction Site is a section created by DerHausaufgabe and was added on April 1st, 2021.


This orange section features several obstacles that consist of many trusses and killpart trusses. The player must avoid these obstacles until the player reaches the end of the section.


  • You can go sideways with shift lock as some of the jumps are quite long.
  • You can jump from the second to last truss straight onto the ending platform to save time.


  • This section, Points of the Compass and Red Cylinders of Doom are tied for the longest name out of any vanilla section in terms of letter count (not including spaces).
    • However, this section has the shortest character count of the three when including spaces.
  • This is a remake of Tower of Hell developer LeetLego's first section.
  • This section contains the most trusses than any section in-game.
  • This section's name is grammatically incorrect as it is missing two apostrophes.
    • "Legos" should have an apostrophe between the "o" and "s". The correct punctuation would be "Lego's", indicating that "Lego" is possessing the Struction Site.
    • "Struction" is a contraction of "Construction". There should be an apostrophe before the "S" to show the omission of "Con". The correct punctuation would be "'Struction".
      • If the name of the section didn't have any grammatical errors, it would be called "Lego's 'Struction Site".
        • However, this is also due to the font not having apostrophes.


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