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"Gone. Reduced to atoms."
This section is a removed section which was scrapped and can no longer be seen in-game.

Not to be confused with Launcher.

Launchers is a now-removed section created by damarioguy and was added on an unknown date and removed on September 8th, 2018.

History & Information

This gold/bronze section had three different versions in its time in game.

Version 1

Version 1 was originally made sometime in August 2018.

It was a gold-colored section that consisted of 11 launchers of two identical paths that would shoot players up every two seconds. There were also killparts on the edges of the launchers, making it a lot harder.

The section began with one long launcher in the middle, which then took players to one of the two identical launcher paths.

Version 2

Version 2 was made around September 1, 2018.

It had another launcher to the bottom left of the section at the start which then took players to the big launcher. This was done to prevent incompatibility.

Version 3

Version 3 was also added on September 1, 2018, but took about a day to be changed.

This version completely revamped the section, now only consisting of four large launchers with no neon on the edges.

For some reason, the material of the section was Diamond Plate instead of Plastic, but uwuPyxl fixed it later once it got into the game.


The section was removed due to it being unplayable because Roblox trampolines and launchers are broken.


  • This section was removed a week after it was released.
  • This section was not in The Tower of Hell.
  • This section was just a glitch that launches you into the air but Roblox patched it.
  • The launchers sometimes would break. This occurred very often.
  • This section is damarioguy's only removed section.
  • The section's model can be found on the Roblox Library.[1]
    • The model's material was Diamond Plate instead of Plastic. This was fixed in the latest versions in-game.


Version 1

Version 2