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"Where can I find this section?"
This section was a modded section.
The Tower of Hell: Reborn mod has now been removed, this section can no longer be seen in Tower of Hell.

Ladders is a modded section created by Giann_o and was added on July 5th, 2019 and removed on April 30th, 2021.


This crimson red section starts with a few ladders which have killparts on both sides, like the rest of the ladders in this section. This is then followed by a platform composed of ladders with killparts occasionally the middle.

After that there are three more ladders, and a ladder platform with a killpart in the middle of the last ladder platform, which leads to the end of the section.


  • Take your time as the top of the ladders are thin.
  • You don't have to jump slowly on the first jumps because the ladders are longer.
  • You can ladder flick on the ladders to save time, however it is very risky because you could die on the killparts.


  • The section's model can be found in the Roblox Library.[1]
  • The section's model can also be found in Archimetropolis's inventory.[2]
  • This section is the same color as the vanilla sections Crimson Dive, Red Cylinders of Doom and Wall Hug.
  • This section is symmetrical.



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