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"Gone. Reduced to atoms."
This section is a removed section which was scrapped and can no longer be seen in-game.

Jello Yellow is a now-removed section created by Ket_Overkill and was added on December 24th, 2018 and removed on August 4th, 2019.


This faded yellow section started with a truss leading to a 4x4 brick that was connected to ropes onto a cylinder that was 1 stud thin (the cylinder moves not the 4x4 brick). The cylinder was also attached with another rope from another 4x4 brick. This same idea was repeated until the end of the section.


This section was removed because Ket_Overkill was demoted from the builder role and wanted their sections removed. This lead to Jello Yellow being removed along with Lilypads, Owch Edgy and Unstable.

While Lilypads and Owch Edgy later returned to the game when Ket_Overkill rejoined the staff team, Jello Yellow and Unstable did not return.

It is currently unknown why this section was not added back to the game, it was likely due to the weird behavior of the cylinders.


  • You can skip the second and third pins by jumping from the second regular platform to the sixth regular platform.
    • However, this is a very far jump and is not recommended for beginners.
  • Once you are on the cylinder parts of the section, go as fast as you can on them, so there's a smaller chance you'll fall off.