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Example of incompatibility

Incompatibilty in Studio

Example of Springs and Tower Climb in Roblox Studio

Incompatibility is a large-scale issue in Tower of Hell that is caused by the randomly-generated sections. Some sections collide with one another and make it impossible for the player to go on the next section unless they have an item, such as a coil or trowel, the invincibility mutator, or a lot of experience in obbies.

Some bottom examples of incompatibility are sections that end at the very top and some top examples are sections that start at the very bottom.

Some incompatible sections were fixed, including Animous, Life on The Edge, Wall Climb, Checkered, Contrast and Hex.

Some known incompatible sections are Which One and Maelstrom which have trusses in the front which you need to wait until the round is over or do some advanced parkour. Both are hard to pass if you have a level like Pulsar at the bottom and Maelstrom at the top. Some sections like Circle Climb or Aura are incompatible with the ending floor. Smashing is incompatible with a lot of stages too, because a part of the killparts from there clashes with the stage above it. Pyxl cannot fix this and will have to fix some things about either of these sections in the next update. Some more incompatible sections are Springs, Branching Out, The Spinning Circles and Stairs.


Blacklisting is a system that the ToH team is working on. Blacklisting prevents incompatibility, allowing the game to move more freely. Based on messages from mods and creators, two names of sections are put in a "folder" of some type making it so two incompatible stages cannot appear together anymore. However, Pyxl cannot blacklist the end as it is not a full section. If you look into a few sections inside the group you can see a blacklist folder


These are the examples, If you find any more please edit this page and put it here.

The last letter there is a truss the blocks the middle, which the player need to go sideways

Removed Examples

There are examples that have either one or both sections that are no longer in Tower of Hell or in THE Tower of Hell.

ToH Reborn Examples

These examples are only for ToH Reborn sections, this is a modded section and you need to have an VIP server to get it. If you have any more Incompatibility sections please edit this page.

Examples of Mutator Incompatibility

See Mutator Incompatibility List

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