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"Where can I find this section?"
This section was a modded section.
The Tower of Hell: Reborn mod has now been removed, this section can no longer be seen in Tower of Hell.

Ice Cave is a modded section created by Robuyasu and was added on July 5th, 2019 and removed on April 30th, 2021.


This blue section has two "caves" (as in the name) with a specific array of killparts, and the floor being made of slippery ice (also as in the name). After you make it through these tunnels, you climb up a truss, leading to six skinny platforms also made out of ice. Then you climb up a truss with a killpart on the bottom, leading to the end of the section.


  • Hold spacebar when you can so you can control your player better when on the ice.
  • Get a good angle of what's ahead so you can get an idea of what to do next.


  • Before the removal of modded sections on April 30th, 2021, this section and Pinball were in-game after icy textures were banned in Tower of Hell, unlike the removed sections Slippery and Dive.
  • There are multiple differences between the model and the section seen in-game.[1]
    • The section used to be red. This was changed to blue in-game.
    • The caves' walls used to be transparent.
    • This section had killparts that did not use the neon texture.
    • The section used to be way harder or near impossible.
      • There were 2 spinners in the second cave of the model version.
      • The killparts are more tightly packed into each cave.
    • The section's original name was "Fricktion".
      • The reason behind the name was to make you say the word "frick" whilst playing it, as stated in the description of the model. It is a blend of the words "frick" and "friction".
    • There were extra parts in the beginning of the section that were removed in the in-game version.
  • The curated version of the section can be found in Archimetropolis's inventory.[2]
  • This is the only modded section created by Robuyasu.



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