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"Why do I rarely see this section?"
This section, House, is a secret section. Secret sections are very rare and thus do not appear in towers often. They often have unique features that cannot be found in vanilla sections.
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House is a secret section created by ObrenTune and was added on an unknown date.


This light blue section starts off with 2 trusses leading to a block that leads on to a green platform with a flower garden on its right side. To the left of the green platform is another green platform that has a house with a brown door, beige walls, a red roof, diamond blue floor, and a window. There are two strips of light blue killparts on the walls of the section.

Inside the house is a lightbulb, a red loveseat, an antenna television, a console, and the 2 main developers of the game, uwuPyxl and ObrenTune, playing Tetris Game Night, another secret section. ObrenTune is playing on the console while uwuPyxl is playing on a laptop.

To complete this section, there is a gray truss behind the house that the player must climb to reach the top of the roof. There is a white cylinder platform that leads the player onto a smaller white cylinder platform and leads you to a moving white platform that elevates the player to the end of the section.


  • This is the only secret section that contains killparts.
    • The lightbulb inside the house is a killpart.
  • The killparts around the walls of the section have hitboxes, meaning you can stand on them if the Invincibility mutator is bought.
  • This section is one of the few secret sections that aren't gray.
  • The flowers' petals in the flower garden are blue and orange, representing the colors of the YXCeptional logo.
  • The television and laptop screens are decal images uploaded to the Roblox library.
    • The television image's name is called "ObrenGamer". The format is png and the size is 1024 x 576px.[1]
    • The laptop image's name is called "PyxlGamer". The format is also png and the size is 1023 x 550px. Despite the image being a screenshot taken on uwuPyxl's account, it is uploaded to Roblox by ObrenTune.[2]
  • There's a text on the back of the television that says: "ObrenTune was here".
    • If the Zekton (Sci-Fi) font file is replaced with a different font that is renamed as "zekton_rg", the text will change to that font.
  • The game "Pong" seen in the section Tetris Game Night on the television comes from the 1972 video game Pong.
  • On the television screen, ObrenTune has a text box that says "gameing", which is a joke to the words that have a spelling change for "-ing" suffixes.
  • The television screen and the laptop screen shows two different images/perspectives. ObrenTune's perspective is on the television while uwuPyxl's perspective is on the laptop, which makes sense because those are the platforms that they each play on.
  • The laptop floats above uwuPyxl's lap, which means the only thing touching it are his hands and torso.
  • The "The Bird Says____." shoulder accessory that goes on uwuPyxl's left shoulder perches on top of the red loveseat instead.
  • The YXCeptional logo used to be displayed on the laptop and console with the pulsing circle, but they are now removed.
  • The console inside the house resembles a Nintendo Wii.
  • The controller on ObrenTune's right hand resembles a black Nintendo Wii Remote. The four blue buttons at the top resembles the directional pad. The two gray circles and one blue circle resembles the LED player number; ObrenTune is player 1. The wedge on the back resembles the B button trigger.
    • The controller on his left hand resembles a black Nintendo Wii Nunchuck. The orange sphere resembles the analog stick. The wedge on the back resembles the Z button trigger.
  • The television has a 3 second delay to the laptop because the timer shows 5:07 and 5:04 respectively.
  • On the television, the halos are red. On the laptop, the halos are green. This most likely means that they are wearing the Rainbow Halo.
  • The screenshots for the television and laptop were taken in the Christmas 2019 event because snow particles can be seen in the image. The section was added before the Christmas 2020 event and after the Christmas 2018 event because secret sections were not added until September 2019.
  • This is one of three sections that used to have the YXCeptional logo in it (Not including the start and end). The others being MiniTower and Tetris Game Night, both of which are secret sections as well.
  • Because the avatars are considered humanoids in Roblox Studio, they cast a shadow which can sometimes be seen under the section.
  • The house's window does not have glass, meaning you can walk through it.
  • This is the only secret section whose killparts are affected by the killpart color change feature in the settings.
  • uwuPyxl mentioned this section on his Twitter. He said: "Always love playing a game with my bro @ObrenTune in a game in a game".[3]


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