Not to be confused with Hole in One by Nuyorkun or Hole In The Wall by Archimetropolis.

Holes is a modded section created by mjbfam2 and was added on July 5, 2019.


Holes is a candy pink coloured medium difficulty section. At the beginning of the section, you jump onto a small platform, and then traverse through 4 "0" shapes. Then you jump from the last "0" shape across 2 platforms to the next section.


  • Be careful, or else you may fall. Take your time.
  • Navigate sideways with shift lock and try to jump as far off the edge as you can so you miss the jumps less and you won't bounce off much.


  • This section can be a bit glitchy, as you sometimes bounce off the "0" shapes for no reason.
  • This section is also similar to Tight Squeeze, a section created by GeoXoro_15.
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