Hole in One is a section created by Nuyorkun and was added on July 17th, 2019.


This section includes circles with large holes in it that you need to jump in and try to avoid contact with.

This section's concept is basically targeting you to jump to a spot and controlling your landing area.

This section also includes 6 bricks at the start with 2 long trusses to climb on at the start of the section and another 3 trusses and 2 platforms at a angle and another 2 smaller platforms which are slightly rotated.


  • Aim in the hole, do not risk trying to do the shortcut (you could die) and go over the circles with the holes.
  • Jump in the correct place at the correct time.
  • Zoom in and out so that your cursor is in the middle while holding right-click. Use it as a guide to aim for the middle of the circle.


  • This is the 93rd section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • PyxlDev (The founder of YXCeptional, Creator of Tower of Hell) claimed that 'Hole in One' does not use unions.
  • If it is right underneath the sections Sloppy Jumps or Simplicity, one of the platforms will bump the player off, making the section almost impossible.
  • This section is similar to Bullseye, where you have to land in a particular spot without dying.
  • This section is incompatible if Resize or Sloppy Jumps or Simplicity is above.
  • It is possible to not jump in the holes, and just walk into the hole and survive.
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