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This page shows the history of Tower of Hell month by month.


June 2018
  • The game was released on June 18th, 2018.
  • The owner's name is Gocraftermsg (uwuPyxl) and the co-owner's name is Kiddie_Cannon (ObrenTune).
  • There are shadows as the default Roblox lighting is Legacy (the new default is Voxel).
  • The builders at the time were Kiddie_Cannon (ObrenTune), and Gocraftermsg (uwuPyxl).
  • Tower of Hell supports R15.
  • The first players are lilgoku224, ScripterAsh, and other builders.
  • Balls and many other sections were released into the game.

July 2018

August 2018

September 2018
  • SulakeGames gets hired as a builder (September 1).
  • Aectic got added (September 1).
  • Abstract gets added (September 2).
  • shaunsnj12 gets hired as a builder (September 3).
  • Animous and Violet Violence get added (September 3).
  • Parallel and Slippery Snake get added (September 6).
  • KnuIIify gets hired as a builder (September 8).
  • Snake gets added (September 8).
  • Ordinary_Fiesta and bossay6 get hired as builders (September 9).
  • Im Blue, Scattered, and Steep get added (September 9).
  • R15 is no longer supported and is replaced by R6 (September 11).
  • Crystonus's sections were removed via creator's request (September 11).
  • Crimson Dive gets added (September 13).
  • The Insult gets added (September 14).
  • alphexi gets hired as a builder (September 22).
  • Karma and Trusst get added (September 22).
  • Amazon Bridges and Aura get added (September 23).
  • Eternity gets added (September 24).
  • Up gets added (September 29).
  • The Tower of Hell was released to the public.
    • LotsOfViolence (Meta_data) is the first player to beat The Tower of Hell.
  • Launchers got removed.

October 2018

November 2018
  • Loop Jump gets added.
  • The tracks Delightful D and Voltaic were added to the game (November 18).
  • Flre_Ball got hired as a builder and admin (November 18).
  • Lots of new sections get added including Dive, Pulsar, Spinning, Unstable Pathway and many more (November 18).

December 2018
  • Many new builders were hired such as JoshyMelons, XxSWxX, ExaminabIe, Maghster, primord_ial, azvrria, ApplePieNoob1 and many more as of December 24, 2018.
  • This is the massive section drop, taking Tower of Hell from 100 sections, to 128 sections. To see a complete list of these visit the Events page.
  • The Insult got nerfed heavily.
  • Frightning Lightning and Volcano got removed.
  • Jello Yellow was added.
  • Many sections were recolored, one of them being Snake. A few others got heavily recolored.


January 2019
  • A lot of builders left the group (SourC_Andy, Maghster, azvrria, bossay6, shaunsnj12, adsbv and more.), but their sections were left in the game.
  • The game started getting 10k-20k concurrent players.

February 2019
  • Tower of Hell reaches 50 million visits.

March 2019

April 2019
  • Tower of Hell has changed its lighting from Legacy (removed lighting from Roblox) to Voxel with no shadows.
  • Tower of Hell reaches 100 million visits.

May 2019
  • Tower of Hell reaches 150 million visits.

June 2019
  • Circa1987 becomes an admin in Tower of Hell (June 18).
  • doublec_squared becomes a builder (June 18).
  • 22 new sections get added (June 18).
  • Temple of Doom was removed (June 22).
  • Pain gets added (June 22).
  • Tower of Hell reaches 200 million visits.

July 2019
  • The Reborn mod gets released (July 5).
  • Icy platforms were banned from section creation, because of this, Dive and Slippery got removed (July 14).
  • Expansion gets removed (July 15).
  • Overcomplicated got added (July 15).
  • Boardway Breakaway gets added (July 20).
  • ThePixelPilot gets hired as a builder (July 23).
  • Stairs gets added (July 23).
  • Tower of Hell hits 20,000 concurrent players for the first time.
  • Tower of Hell reaches 300 million visits.
  • The YXCeptional logo is replaced at the start, end and in the coins logo.

August 2019

September 2019
  • The Certified Beast badge is reset, now requiring proof to be obtained.
  • The Tower of Hell hitboxes are made static.
  • Tower of Hell reaches 500 million visits.

October 2019

December 2019
  • Snow falls from the tower to celebrate the holiday season.
  • Effects are added into the game.
  • Halos are added into the game.
  • There is a snowman in the lobby for decoration with a Radispook behind it.
    • You get a free hat when you touch the snowman, it lasts until you die.
  • Skyfalls gets removed (December 23).


January 2020
  • The Infinite Coins Game Pass got removed (January 12).
  • Badges are added into the game and the winter snow and snowman got removed (January 25).
  • Gravitron and Parallel Ascension get added (January 28).

February 2020

March 2020

April 2020
  • The tower walls are deleted for April Fools (April 1).
  • Glitches happen where when the tower restarts you don't get teleported back to the floor.
  • Ket_Overkill rejoins the group (April 23).
  • 19 sections are added to the game, many including a new feature, conveyors (April 23).
  • The 19 new sections were added to The Tower of Hell, extending it from 150 sections to 169 sections long (April 23)

May 2020
  • The Teal and the *Old* Blue Halo and the now removed Orange Halo get added along with the Explorer, Collector, and the Tourist Badge (May 1).
  • The Tourist Badge and the Orange Halo get removed (May 15).
  • Settings and custom themes are added for the Tower of Hell menu (May 26).

June 2020
  • The pride trail gets released (June 2).
  • The hourglass gear is released (June 5).
  • Membership is added in the game (June 8).
    • For a weekend you could type: /free member and get free membership for a week, this was removed the next week.
  • Tower of Hell Appeals is released (June 29).

July 2020
  • Tower of Hell reaches 3 billion visits.
  • Flre_Ball steps down from an admin position in Tower of Hell.
  • uwuPyxl leaves the YXCeptional Discord server.
  • YXCeptional Studios reaches 1 million members.
  • MasonLua gets demoted.

August 2020
  • Tower of Hell reaches 4 billion visits.
  • Legendary odds from boxes changes from 5% to 2%.
  • The pride trail is made unobtainable.
  • Invisibility, Extra Time, and Double Jump mutators are released (August 16).

September 2020
  • Tower of Hell reaches 6 billion visits.
  • The song "Shiny Tech" by Kevin MacLeod was removed for copyright (although it's supposedly not copyrighted), and plays another song instead. It got replaced by "Easy Mover" - Brian Colin Dee & Irving Lawrence Martin.
  • Evanbear1 becomes developer on September 1st, 2020, as a music composer. All the in-game music made by Kevin MacLeod gets replaced by their own Soundtrack.

October 2020
  • There was a bug at the start of the month where you would be randomly respawned and banned, this was fixed quickly.

November 2020
  • Tower of Hell reaches 7 billion visits.
  • uwuPyxl rejoins the YXCeptional Discord server.
  • Robux effect boxes are added into game that cost 25 robux, this is quickly changed to 35 robux and then 30 robux, it was changed back to 25 robux days later (November 23).
  • Blue Halo returns to the game in the robux boxes (November 23).
  • Private server owners can obtain bombs using the /givegear bomb command. This can be used to play hot potato (November 23).
  • uwuPyxl announces an update that would bring a new section everyday until Christmas.

December 2020
  • Tower of Hell reaches 8 billion visits.
  • The snowman returns to the lobby with a small Radispook behind it.
    • You could get a free pink hat by touching the snowman.
  • Snow particles fall in the tower to celebrate Christmas.
  • A section was added every day from the 1st to the 24th of December. Seven sections were released on the 25th to celebrate Christmas. To see a complete list of these, visit the Events page.
  • The command /mod vanilla was added to private servers.
  • The price to purchase coins in the shop was decreased.
  • 13 sections were added on the 31st of December to celebrate New Year's Eve.
  • Decisions, Hardy Snake and Sloppy Jumps were removed and their builders demoted.
  • The Christmas and New Year's sections were added to The Tower of Hell, extending it from 169 sections to 210 sections long.
  • The link to The Tower of Hell in the Tower of Hell description was removed for an unknown reason.


January 2021
  • Tower of Hell reaches 9 billion visits.
  • The Tower of Hell reaches 90 million visits.
  • The Christmas event ended, meaning the snow, snowman and Radispook were removed.
  • The YXCeptional logo on the roof and floor of the tower was updated, the rainbow circle was replaced by an orange one to make it more accurate to their actual logo.
  • Trail tip and gear skin effects have a new small image added in the corner to show what the skin is for (shows trail or the corresponding gear).
  • DerHausaufgabe becomes an admin for Tower of Hell (January 30).

February 2021

March 2021

April 2021

May 2021
  • Pipery, Poisonous Bubbles, Quasar, Reactor, Rotate, Rows, Rush and Surf got added (May 1).
  • The timer in-game is changed back from 6 minutes to 8 minutes in noob towers and from 8 minutes to 10 minutes in pro towers (May 1).
  • ttracula and blairwitchsammy become admins for Tower of Hell (May 3).
  • A new command was added to private servers called /filtersections which filters what type of sections will spawn in the tower (May 19).
  • Secret sections are disabled when using /filtersections to make finding secret sections fair (May 21).

June 2021

July 2021
  • Tower of Hell reaches 13 billion visits (July 14).

October 2021