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Hexagon Havoc is a section created by damarioguy and was added on August 20th, 2018.


This terracotta section begins with a rotating and moving hexagon with three neon strips on every one side. The player has to jump into the hexagon and move up onto another rotating hexagon with three neon strips. The player has to wait for the hexagon to go down and hop onto the hexagon from before.

Lastly, you jump onto a rotating hexagon with neon strips separating each side. This is repeated again and ends the section.


  • It is possible to wraparound the first spinning hexagon and skip the second rotating hexagon, however this shortcut is difficult and not recommended for new players.


  • This used to be the 152nd section in The Tower of Hell.
  • This and Twister are the only vanilla sections created by damarioguy.
  • There are many differences between the section in-game and the model.[1]
    • The original name of the section was "Some hexagon level thing"
    • The section was originally gray. This was later changed to terracotta in-game.
    • The section features red killparts in the model. These were changed to the section's color as per section creating guidelines.
    • The name originally was initially undecided by damarioguy. Temporarily, the section was named "Some hexagon level thing". damarioguy and uwuPyxl then both agreed with the name "Hexagon Havoc" and re-colored the section, as confirmed with the Discord messages with both of them in the YXCeptional Discord Server.
    • The model's material was metal compared to being plastic in-game.
    • The hexagons spun and moved faster in the original submitted model.



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