Not to be confused with Hexagon Havoc, a section created by damarioguy.

Hex is a section created by ScripterAsh and was added on August 16, 2018.


This is a black-colored section that has the general idea of hexagons bouncing or hanging onto a part. These hexagons can sometimes spin. The hexagons are repeated six times until the player meets a truss. The section ends upon climbing the truss.


  • It's recommended to try to get on the hexagons as you have a much better jump height of climbing the truss at the end.
  • When a new tower is made, the hexagons can go jumping around rapidly, making it hard to pass the section. It's recommended to wait until the hexagons calm down so you can cross safely.


  • This is the 55th section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • The hexagons used to be in the middle but are now moved to the left a bit.
  • This section used to be called "Bombs Away".
  • Sometimes the hexagons glitch and rotate making players go on top of the hexagons.
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