These rules consist of what you should do in this Wiki. Make sure to also read the Fandom's terms and service as well as follow the rules listed on this page

We have recently removed all difficulty categories so we would gladly appreciate it if you don't add them back.

User Rules

  • No being <13: Wikia and Fandom do not allow users under 13 to edit on the website. If we catch you being under 13 (i.e., links and images), you will be banned for a minimum of 1 year until sometime after you turn 13.
  • Don't edit other user's profiles without permission: You may only edit their profiles if they allow it.
  • No swearing, racism, or any kind of profanity in username:  Your username should not consist of any foul language. If we catch any notice of this, we will ask you politely to change your name. If you don't do so after 48 hours after we told you so, you will be blocked until you do. To change your username, go to this link             -> You can only change your name once. Once you do it, it's final.
  • Don't abuse multiple accounts: Once you're banned, you're banned. Creating another account just to come back again will extend the time of your block/perma-ban along with an ip ban if you continue to create several accounts after being asked nicely by one of the staff members.
  • Don't harrass other users: You'll only get one warning for this.
  • Do Not Advertise Vandalizer's profiles: We understand that you're trying to get people to block a vandalizer, but instead of leaving a message on their wall for them to stop, leave a message on one of the moderators/admins wall for them to deal with the vandal. If the vandal created an uneeded page please give it the 'pages marked for deletion' category for us to delete them when we see it.

Page Editing Rules

Please make sure to read the rules before editing a page at any time.

  • Grammar/Proper English: Make sure you write proper English. Replacing your with "ur" or I with a lowercase "i" is not formal and needs to be fixed. Don't try and make things too formal either as that can make things confusing for viewers.
  • Spelling: If you don't know how to spell a word then google how to spell the word correctly.
  • Section Ideas: If you want to create your own sections instead of creating pages, create a blog post so viewers find it easier to navigate around the wiki.
  • False Information: If you are uncertain about whether the information you're adding is true or not ask an admin if you can add it or not, otherwise if you're certain that what you're adding is true then go ahead and add it
  • No swearing, racism or any other kinds of profanity: Other people will be viewing the wiki for information and not to see swearing, jokes, racism or attention seekers.
  • No vandalizing: Things like youtube rickroll links on pages are strictly prohibited and will lead to a warning.
  • Protected pages: You will come across some pages that won't allow regular editors to edit. These pages will have special protection due to the number of vandals targetting that one page.
  • No bypassing rules: Bending the rules can get you into serious trouble.
  • Sections: Sections aren't called stages. Please use the word 'section' when editing.
  • Names: If a builder or a contributor to Tower of Hell has changed their name please only use their new name.
  • Page format: Please use the page format as seen on this blog.

Discussion Rules

The following contains rules for posting in discussions. You can go to it here -> Discussions

  • No swearing, racism, or any other kinds of profanity: If we see any notice of this, it will be met with a block and that specific post will be deleted.
  • Don't reply to posts that haven't have any activity for the past week or more: Posts that have no activity for a month are considered inactive, and is annoying to all the users following the post, as they get a notification. This is also called "necroposting".
  • Don't go off-topic: Posts should be related to Tower of Hell or the wiki. It's ok to go minorly off-topic sometimes, but don't do it too much.
  • Don't advertise: This rule kind of goes along with the don't go off-topic rule. 

Commenting Rules

The following contains rules for commenting on pages. 

  • No swearing, racism, or any other kinds of profanity: If we see any notice of this, it will be met with a block and that specific comment will be deleted.
  • Keep comments on-topic to the page you are currently in: Comments should be related to the page you are in. For example, if we were in the "Secret Sections " page, it would not be appropriate to comment on something about getting the "Pro" badge. Any comment seen off-topic will be deleted. Continuously doing so would result in a block. 
  • Don't advertise: This kind of goes along with the don't go off-topic rule.
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