Tower of Hell Wiki
If you think anything is missing from our rules, please contact Taps7767.
The wiki rules may change, if they do staff will post about it in Discussions.

The Tower of Hell Wiki has a set of Rules and Guidelines that its users must voluntarily abide by, their purpose is to keep the wiki and its community in good shape as well as to improve interactions between users.

The Tower of Hell Wiki Staff are responsible for monitoring the wiki and enforcing these rules, wiki users disobeying the rules will result in discipline at the staff's discretion.

The editing guidelines are technically not rules; however, they are important guidelines on how to edit an article. However, intentionally disobeying the editing guidelines or disobeying them repeatedly will also lead to discipline.

User Conduct

All Fandom account owners must follow Fandom's Terms of Use.

No Underaged Users

  • Per Fandom's Terms of Use, people under the age of 13 are not allowed to use a Fandom account. More information regarding this rule here.

No Harassment

  • Harassment to anyone is not allowed. Respect all wiki users to make the wiki a welcoming place.
  • If you feel the need to intervene or criticize a user's work or argument, do so without attacking them as a person. Act civil and do not start flame wars.

No Impersonation

  • Creating an account with the intent to impersonate other wiki users or notable people in order to cause defamation is not allowed.
  • Profile pictures of notable people are acceptable, as long as you do not claim to be the notable person.
  • If you have the username of a notable person before they became well known, we will ask that you change your username or insert a disclaimer in your about page.

No Vandalism

  • Vandalism to pages or edits to others' profiles without their permission intentionally is not allowed.

No Profanity

  • Because this wiki can be viewed by anyone and the game is a Roblox game that is safe for kids, inappropriate mature language, including profanity, is not allowed.
  • Light profanity (Hell, Damn, etc.) is allowed as long as it is not used offensively.

No Discrimination

  • Anyone can view the wiki; therefore, respect the diversity of everyone and do not post offensive or discriminatory content.
  • This includes, but not limited to:
    • Ethnic slurs
    • Racism
    • Homophobia
    • Transphobia
    • Religious intolerance.

No Advertising

  • Do not advertise on the wiki in discussions and comments unless you have been given special authorization by the wiki staff to do so.
  • Advertising is allowed on your profile, about page, and blogs.
  • Do not engage in excessive Self-Promotion either. This wiki is meant to be a collaborative community resource for Tower of Hell, not a place for you to advertise your social links, products, etc. all the time.

Do Not Edit and Post Farm

  • Do not farm edits, posts or achievement points for the purpose of gaining points and wiki badges quicker.

Do Not Delete Staff Messages

  • Do not delete messages (reminders/warnings) sent by the wiki staff. Even though the wiki staff can see deleted messages and restore them, deleting warnings implies that you want to show a good reputation.

Ban Evasion

  • Do not create multiple accounts to evade blocks. This is also commonly known as sockpuppeting.

Do Not Bypass the Rules

  • Finding a loophole to intentionally break the rules to avoid punishment is not allowed. Examples of bypassing the rules include:
    • Rearranging a profane word's letters.
    • Using "Just Kidding" as an excuse to be racist.
    • Using an alt account to conversate with in order to farm posts.
    • Bypassing vandalism by lying and claiming that your sibling used your account without permission or you got hacked.

Commenting and Discussion Rules

English Only

  • Communicate in English only as we are an English wiki. The Wiki Staff must be able to read and moderate your post and comment activity.
  • Recognizable words such as "hola" and "konnichiwa" are allowed.

Calm and Inclusive Community

  • Do not start hateful conversations, flame wars or any form of harassment, these comments/messages will be deleted.
  • Furthermore, do not get involved in any existing drama. Instead, report it to a wiki staff member for them to deal with it.

Comments and Posts Regarding Suicide

  • Any posts or comments that encourage or condone suicide and are not allowed, ironic or unironic.

Comments and Posts Regarding Mental Health

  • Please refrain from discussing about your mental health. If you need to talk to someone, contact the wiki staff on their message wall, or you can also join the wiki's Discord Server.

Do Not Leak The Vault Codes

  • The wiki staff were given a special request by the Tower of Hell Staff that nobody reveals or give hints to the codes of the secret section The Vault. This includes revealing or giving hints on how to obtain the codes.

Do Not Mini-Moderate

  • This is where a user acts as if a moderator and issues a warning on behalf of staff or threaten users with powers they do not have, such as blocking. Users should report to a wiki staff member instead.

No Necroposting

  • Do not reply to posts, messages, or blogs that haven't had any activity for the past month or more. This is called 'necroposting' and causes everyone in the post to get unwanted notifications.

No Advertising

  • Advertising is only allowed on your profile, about page and blogs . Advertising is forbidden on discussions and comments.

No Not Safe For Work Content

  • Do not transmit anything with Not Safe For Work content which is not safe to be viewed for all ages.

No Spam or Trolls

  • Spamming and trolling are strictly prohibited on the wiki and will lead to punishment.
    • Spamming is any user posting multiple posts or comments in a short timespan.
    • Trollers are those who repeatedly break one rule or break many rules in a short space of time intentionally.

Stay On Topic

  • Stay on-topic as much as possible, this wiki is about Tower of Hell.

Editing Guidelines

Please follow these where possible to keep the wiki professional and consistent:

  • The wiki's content should all be written in formal, correct American English.
    • For example, use the spelling 'color' not 'colour'.
    • Avoid slang and acronyms such as TToH or ToH as it will be hard for the translator to pick up.
  • Please follow the manual of style when editing.
  • Do not change information on a section page's template such as 'date added' or 'difficulty' without contacting a member of the staff team.
  • Try to minimize the number of edits you make to the same page in a row where possible.
  • No unnecessary or false information should be included on the wiki.
    • If you are uncertain of whether what you are adding is true, contact an admin.
    • You should also not create unnecessary pages or pages for sections that do not exist.
  • Do not create new categories on the wiki without contacting staff, this does not include adding an existing category to a page that needs it.
  • This wiki should only include current and previous content of the game. Rumors and unreleased content should not be published such as sections that could come into the game in the future.
  • Images of sections should only be images of their model or images of the section in-game. Using images from third-party games is forbidden.

All edits to section pages should follow the same format as the others to keep consistency across the wiki.

If you want further information on the Tower of Hell wiki's page format, visit this guide.