Happy Developer Home is a secret section created by PyxlDev and was added on an unknown date.


Happy Developer Home starts off with 2 trusses leading to a brick 
RobloxScreenShot20200720 202518967

Happy Developer Home by TheNewJoshRendell3.

that leads on to a green brick that has a house with medium yellow walls with a red roof and has a flower garden outside. It has light blue neon parts on the side of the secret section. Inside the house, is the 2 main developers of the game, PyxlDev and ObrenTune playing Pong, while PyxlDev is doing some work on his YXCeptional laptop. It then leads to a white truss at the back at the house that directs you to the roof with a white brick that leads you on to a smaller white brick and leads you to a moving white brick that directs you to the next section.


Don't touch the light blue neon parts on the side. It can kill you.


  • This is one of the few secret sections that is not grey.
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