Not to be confused with The Halo, a section created by Precession.

Halos are an exclusive accessory available in Tower of Hell, they are designed for certain players who have achieved a certain milestone in a certain category.

Available Halos

  • Teal Halo - Obtain every effect in the game excluding halos. Along with the teal halo, it will also give you the “Collector" badge.
    Teal Halo.PNG
  • Purple Halo - Obtain every badge in the game, this requires: Explorer, Secret, Mutated, Pro, Newbie, Collector and Maxed.
    Purple Halo.PNG
  • ​​​​​​Pink Halo -  Buy/Upgrade everything in the skill tree and reach level 80. You get this along with the "Maxed" badge.

Unobtainable Halos

These halos are not currently available but who got them previously still have them.

  • Red Halo - Exclusive to those with the "Certified Beast" badge for beating all 169 sections in one tower in THE Tower of Hell. This cannot be obtained currently.
  • Green Halo - Exclusive to owners of the "Infinite Yxles" gamepass before it was removed.
    Green Halo.PNG

Staff Halos

  • Silver Halo - Exclusive to ToH builders, your section MUST be in the game, not in ToH:R to have this halo.
  • Gold Halo - Exclusive to ToH admins.
    Gold Halo.PNG
  • Obren's Inferno - Exclusive to only ObrenTune/Anyone he decides to give it to (It's a gold halo but with the Ol:R Logo, Ol:R is ObrenTune's first tower game).
  • Rainbow Halo - Exclusive to only ObrenTune and PyxlDev, the main developers of ToH.

    Changes colours in game.

  • Glass Halo - Exclusive to only ObrenTune and PyxlDev.
    Glass Halo.PNG
  • Rainbow v2 Halo - Exclusive to only ObrenTune and PyxlDev.
  • Black Ring Halo - Exclusive to only ObrenTune and PyxlDev.

Removed Halos

These halos were removed from the game and people's inventories. Only Staff members still have these halos.

  • Orange Halo - Find every secret section in the game, this also used to give you the "Tourist" badge. This halo was removed because it distracted people from actually playing the game by making people server hop.
    Orange Halo.PNG
  • Blue Halo - Find and Touch every section that is in the game, this does not include secret sections, this also gives you the “Explorer" badge. This halo was removed because this halo was very common and, like the Orange Halo, made many people server hop.
    Blue Halo.png
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