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Halos are a type of YXclusive effect available in Tower of Hell. They're designed for certain players who have achieved a certain milestone for a certain category.

Note: Owner numbers last updated on September 17th, 2021

Available Halos

These are halos that are still obtainable in the current version of Tower of Hell through various methods. It is still possible for players to both own and earn these halos.

Blue Halo Gabeblue.PNG Earned as a legendary effect from Robux effect boxes. Unknown This is the only available halo that is not awarded by a badge.
Pink Halo Pinkhalooo.png Reach level 80 and buy/upgrade everything in the skill tree. 11,897 You get this along with the Maxed badge.
Purple Halo Purple Halo.PNG Obtain every badge in the game. Unknown You need to own the Explorer, Secret, Mutated, Pro, Newbie, Collector and Maxed badges.
Teal Halo Teal Halo.PNG Obtain all the effects available from coin boxes not including Robux box effects or exclusive effects. 24,020 You get this along with the Collector badge.

Unobtainable Halos

These are halos that are no longer available to be obtained, but those previously got them before they were made unobtainable still have them in their inventories.

Halo Picture Obtaining Owners Notes
Green Halo Green Halo.PNG Own the Infinite Yxles game pass before it was removed.
You would also get the Double Coins game pass as stated in the game pass description.
Red Halo Red.PNG Beat all the sections in The Tower of Hell.
You would get the Certified Beast badge alongside the red halo.

Staff Halos

These are halos exclusive to the staff team and specific friends of the staff team.

Halo Picture Obtaining Owners Notes
Silver Halo Silver.PNG Your Tower of Hell section has to be in-game.
Tower of Hell: Reborn sections do not count towards getting the silver halo.
Gold Halo Gold Halo.PNG Exclusive to Tower of Hell admins
Rainbow Halo Rainbow Halo (Changes colours).PNG Exclusive to ObrenTune and uwuPyxl
The halo changes colors in game.
Glass Halo Glass Halo.PNG Exclusive to ObrenTune and uwuPyxl
Rainbow V2 Halo Rainbowv2halo.PNG Exclusive to ObrenTune and uwuPyxl
The colors spin around.
Black Ring Halo Blackringhalo.PNG Exclusive to ObrenTune and uwuPyxl
Blue Ring Halo Blueringhalo.PNG Exclusive to specific community contributors.
Obren's Inferno Obrens inferno (1).png Exclusive to ObrenTune and his close friends.
Technically not a halo as you can equip other halos with it. The halo is designed after ObrenTune's tower game: Obren's Inferno: Reborn.

Removed Halos

These halos were removed from the game and people's inventories, one has since returned to the game with a different obtainment method and the other can now only be obtained by staff.

Halo Picture Obtaining Owners Notes
Orange Halo Orange Halo.PNG Find every secret section in the game.
The halo was removed alongside its badge 'Tourist' due to it distracting players from playing the game by making players server hop.
Old Blue Halo Blue Halo.png Find every vanilla section in the game.
The halo was removed due to it being extremely common. It rewards you only the explorer badge.