Half and Half is a section created by Nuyorkun and was added on October 21, 2019.


Half and Half is a dark grey section which was added to the game alongside Oddly Satisfying, Wasp Nest (both by Theorywork), Points of the Compass, and Shimmy (both by FIre_Ball). It is a difficult section due to the moving platforms and the neon blocks


For beginners, don't jump over the neon bricks, go to the block on the side, and then go to the next moving platform. And, the neon blocks are evenly spaced, so jump over them with a consistent pattern to be able to pass the section easier. And when going through the high neon block, press space (jump on mobile) before you walk forwards.


  • This is the 23rd section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • This section was made by Nuyorkun.
  • This section has 5 neon blocks.
  • 8/10 people die or fall off this section (1 in 5 chance of completing the section).
  • There were originally only 3 rotating platforms, but later they added it to 6 as it was too difficult for beginners.
  • Most people die on the high neon block because you can't avoid it by going on the side and some people jump too early or too late so they hit the neon block.
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