Glitched is a mysterious secret section created by obbynil and was added on May 27, 2020.

It might even be Tower Twister, although Pyxl claimed that the so-called "Mystery Line 3" was just him messing with the length of a section and this section is long so it might be him adding it.


Glitched has nothing, it’s not yet confirmed as a secret section. You cannot complete this section, as it is underneath the spawn.

This section is basically giant wall parts that are apart by around a stud.


If it does become a real section, you might get the jump coil to pass it or the hook.


  • This section might also appear on VIP servers and on rare occasions, THE Tower of Hell.
  • If this section spawns, it doesn’t go away (unless the server shuts down or players leave).
  • This section could just be a glitch.
  • Some people are freaked out when they see this section.
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