Gears are equipable items that change your gameplay. There are 6 different types of gears you can buy in the shop as well as one secret gear obtained from a secret section.

All gears except the jump coil and hourglass can be upgraded in the Skill Tree to get extra bonuses while using them.

Gears get more expensive to buy depending on how long the tower is. The prices for noob towers (6 long) and pro towers (12 long) are shown for each gear below.

These only last for 1 round.

Shop Bought Gears

Gears section of shop in Noob Towers

Gravity Coil - 80 coins / 152 coins - Makes you jump higher and fall slower.

Gears section of shop in Pro Towers

Speed Coil - 60 coins / 120 coins - Makes you move faster. It can also be upgraded in the skill tree for extra speed.

Trowel - 40 coins / 70 coins - Places down paths to jump on, the platforms last for 5 seconds and take 8 seconds to recharge.

Fusion Coil - 90 coins / 150 coins - Makes you jump higher and move faster.

Grapple Hook - 80 coins / 152 coins - Allows you to hook onto something and swing. You cannot climb up using it but you can stop yourself falling and swing around.

Hourglass - 90 coins / 180 coins - Freezes every moving part in every section. It can be turned on & off anytime.

Other Gears

Jump coil appearance

Jump Coil - Obtained when you open the safe - Allows you to jump infinitely (similar to double jump but you can jump as much as you want).

YXTerminator appearance

YXTerminator - This gear can only be obtained with the help of a command (restricted to Admins/Developers). This gear allows you to kill someone when you snipe a person.


  • The hook and hourglass used to cost robux but were changed to cost coins on the 16th August 2020.
  • When you obtain the jump coil you will also receive its plastic counterpart.
  • Coils used to have different icons, but they were changed to the current icons on February 23, 2020.
  • If you combine a gravity coil with the double jump skill and the double jump mutator, you will get triple jump.
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