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Gears are equippable items that changes your gameplay. There are 6 different types of gears you can buy in the shop as well as 4 other gears that can only be gained by other means.

All shop bought gears except the hourglass can be upgraded in the skill tree to get extra bonuses while using them. There is also a secret section called Gearbox that will give players all of the shop bought gears except the hourglass for free as well.

The price of the gears varies based on the length of the tower. The prices for noob towers (6 sections long) and pro towers (12 sections long) are shown for each gear below.

The gears only last for 1 round.

Shop Bought Gears

Cost (Noob)
Cost (Pro)
Gravity Coil GravityCoil.png Makes you jump higher and fall slower.
Newbie coins.PNG 80
Newbie coins.PNG 152
You can use this gear to double jump if you have the double jump skill in the Skill Tree.
Speed Coil SpeedCoil.png Makes you move faster.
Newbie coins.PNG 60
Newbie coins.PNG 120
Fusion Coil FusionCoil.png Makes you jump higher and move faster.
Newbie coins.PNG 90
Newbie coins.PNG 150
Trowel TrowelGear.png Places down paths to jump on. The paths last for 5 seconds with a cooldown of 8 seconds.
Newbie coins.PNG 40
Newbie coins.PNG 70
You can change the spawned paths into trusses in the Skill Tree.
Hook HookGear.png Allows you to hook onto something or someone and swing or stop. The rope will snap if it stretches too far.
Newbie coins.PNG 80
Newbie coins.PNG 152
You cannot climb whilst using the hook.
Hourglass Hourglass.png Freezes every moving part in every section, including conveyors. It can be turned on and off at any time.
Newbie coins.PNG 90
Newbie coins.PNG 180

Other Gears

Jump Coil JumpCoil.png Allows you to jump infinitely. Open both doors of the secret section The Vault with the correct codes. The game may kick you when using the jump coil due to the anti-cheat.
Bomb Bomb.png Explodes with a countdown or upon clicking. There are multiple commands with the bomb. Pressing E, T, G, and F can change the timer of the bomb. Saying a number in chat can change the timer on the bomb to what you said. Spawned in a private server through commands. You can pass the bomb to another person upon clicking the bomb with a timer.
YXTerminator YXTerminator.png Kills someone when you snipe a person. Spawned by Admins/Developers. There is another version of the YXTerminator that has homing bullets.
Killpart Killpart.png Kills someone if they touch you while holding it. Dropping it can kill anyone who touches it on the floor. Spawned by Admins/Developers. You can sometimes pick the Killpart up off the floor by using emotes because it does not kill you.


  • The hook and hourglass used to cost Robux but were changed to cost coins on August 16th, 2020.
  • When you obtain the jump coil you will also receive its plastic counterpart effect.
  • Coils used to have different icons, but they were changed to the current icons on February 23rd, 2020.
  • If you combine a gravity coil with the double jump skill and the double jump mutator, you will get triple jump.
  • The YXTerminator was originally planned to ban the player it hits; however, this idea was scrapped due to the threat of mis-firing and accidentally banning someone else.
  • The Bomb used to be able to destroy sections, allowing players to make sections impossible, however this has been patched.
  • The Bomb used to be able to launch players instead of killing them because of the forcefield from spawning.
  • When you jump in the air using a jump coil or gravity coil, the jumps in the air make the same noise as jumps on the ground.
  • uwuPyxl teased the Hook gear on his twitter with two tweets before its release.
    • The first tweet features uwuPyxl hanging off the beginning platform from Overlapped.[1]
    • The second tweet features uwuPyxl swinging across Vortex using a platform above from Animous, he then swings past the first few trusses in Climb using platforms above again.[2]

Audio Gallery

The sound effect when equipping a Gravity or Fusion Coil
The sound effect when equipping a Speed or Jump Coil
The sound effect when a Hook snaps


Gravity Coil

Speed Coil

Fusion Coil




Jump Coil