Eternity is a section created by jiravich and was added on November 8, 2018.


It is a light blue section with spinning circles made up of about 8 small rectangles each.


It is recommended that, when jumping from circle to circle, to aim for the left or right sides of the circle (this depends which way you are facing) rather than the part of the circle closest to you. This will minimize your chances of falling.


  • This is the 90th section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • The section was originally submitted in orange, had gears and had the name "Loading". However, after testing the section, Pyxl decided to rename the section to "Eternity", changed the gears and changed the section's color to light blue.
  • Users can walk on the rectangles without falling, though sometimes you can still fall.
  • This section glitches when Neon is the section below it.
  • This section is a re-skin of Oddly Satisfying, except it's short.
  • This is the only section that starts with the letter "E" in Tower of Hell.
RobloxScreenShot20200714 075836384

The section glitched when neon is below it.

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