Tower of Hell Wiki

Elevation is a section created by Archimetropolis and was added on October 1st, 2021.


This lime section starts with two trusses on the left and right leading to two platforms that join around the middle. There is then a platform that ascends and descends through eight floating killparts.

To complete this section, the player must walk onto the platform when it comes down and dodge the killparts as it goes up. The first killpart is small and in the middle; the second killpart is rectangular and towards the left; the third killpart is also rectangular but towards the right; the fourth killpart is large and in the middle; the fifth killpart covers the outer edges of the platform; the sixth killpart is a cross shape; the seventh and eighth killparts spin slowly.

Finally, there is a slanted platform which takes the player to the end of the section.


  • Angle your camera upward to see and react to the killparts easier.


  • This section is currently the tallest vanilla section in-game, at 300 studs.
    • However, if you count the secret section Minute, it is only the second tallest.
  • It is possible to complete this section with only one jump.
  • The moving platform can sometimes glitch when going down, as the moving platform can go up before the platform goes down enough for the player to get to the moving platform.