Effects are accessories that players can equip to show off to other players in-game, they don't provide any gameplay effect or boost like Mutators and Gears, they are purely for your looks.

Effects come in 5 different rarities each with their own coloured bar under the name of the effect. These are Common which is white, Interesting which is green, Epic which is purple, Legendary which is orange and there is also a black rarity exclusive to items that can't be obtained from boxes.

Formerly, if you were unlucky, you got coils (Speed, Gravity, Fusion) from the boxes. This has since been removed.


Effects Page

All effects, excluding the exclusive (black) rarity, can be obtained by buying the effect boxes for 500 coins.

Amounts and Chances:

Common - 72 Effects - 64% Chance

Interesting - 17 Effects - 24% Chance

Epic - 13 Effects - 10% Chance

Legendary - 6 Effects - 2% Chance

Effect types:

2 colour trails (common)

Fading trails (interesting)

Solid colour trails (interesting/epic)

Radiances (epic)

Flames (epic)

Smoke (epic)

Rainbow versions (legendary)

Plastic coils (epic/legendary/exclusive)

Halos (EXCLUSIVE, can't be obtained through boxes):

Red Halo (THE Tower of Hell winners)

Pink Halo (Players who have maxed the skill tree by getting level 80)

Teal Halo (Owners of every single effect in the game obtainable from boxes)

Purple Halo (Players with every single badge obtained, this excludes THE Tower of Hell badges)

Green Halo (Owners of the Infinite Coins gamepass before it was removed)

Silver Halo (Tower of Hell builders)

Gold Halo (Tower of Hell admins)

Rainbow Halo (Owned by the 2 creators of Tower of hell, PyxlDev and ObrenTune)

Obrens Inferno (exclusive to ObrenTune, one of the main developers of ToH, and to the people he wants to give, the halo is the the gold halo but with the logo of Obren's first tower game, OI:R)

[REMOVED] Blue Halo (Owners of the Explorer Badge, which was also removed)

[REMOVED] Orange Halo (Owners of the now removed Tourist Badge)

(They removed blue because it was too easy to obtain and orange as it distracted players from the game)

Titles (Exclusive, can't be obtained through boxes):

Builders, Mods, Admins, and Creators all have a custom title above their head for them to equip anytime they want. PinkLeaf also has one and is currently the only person who isn't a member of staff on the game to have it (he has the title "Sub to PinkLeaf" on his head)

Builder (Tower of Hell builders)

Admin (Tower of Hell admins)

Developer (Owned by the main developers of Tower of Hell)

Sub to PinkLeaf (Owned by PinkLeaf, Tower of Hell staff members and builders)

Follow PyxlDev on Twitch (given to the same people who have the Sub to PinkLeaf title)

Noob (Owned by PinkLeaf and Tower of Hell staff members and builders)

Member (given to Members)

Other Exclusive Effects:

Pride Trail was released in June and made unobtainable in August, it used to have a legendary rarity but now has an exclusive (black) rarity for those who own it.

Plastic Jump Coil from the secret section The Vault also has the exclusive (black) rarity. 

Crown and Floating Crown effects are given to Members, and have the exclusive (black) rarity.

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