Dragons Walk is a section created by ObrenTune and was added on an unknown date.


The section starts with a long platform leading to a square part with a 1 stud cylinder hanging next to it. This leads to a curving platform with some trusses behind it so the player has to do an inverted jump to get to it. The player has to go on top of the curved platform to a descending slope to another square platform with a 1 stud part next to it with to another square platform with several more curving. This leads to a jump to some trusses to a rectangular platform to another platform with stairs leading to the next section.


  • Use shift lock to grab to the first set of trusses on the curving platform.
  • Jump carefully while trying to grab on to the second set of trusses.
  • If this is the first section of the tower, you can jump from the stairs to a truss to proceed to the next section.


  • This is the 113th section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • The name has a typo because it's missing an apostrophe on the word, Dragons.
  • The name is also ironic.
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