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Dont Jump is a section created by Archimetropolis and was added on November 18th, 2018.


This bronze section starts with two trusses and a pathway with many killparts the player must avoid, however, the player can't jump as there is a big killpart above, meaning if the player jumps, they die. There is a truss at the end of the pathway ending the section.


  • It is recommended to go in first person so that the killpart roof is not in the way of the camera, making it easier to see where you are going.


  • This used to be the 148th section in The Tower of Hell.
  • The name of this section is grammatically incorrect. The word "Dont" needs an apostrophe after the N, to make it read "Don't".
    • However, this is also due to the font for the section name not having apostrophes.
  • There is a sequel to this section called Death Jump.
  • The offsale model can be found in the Roblox library.[1]