Dizzying Paths is a section created by XxSWxX and was added on September 22, 2018.


This section starts with a ladder climb using parts. There is one neon strip on top of the ladder, which forces you to jump off. After, you encounter some spinning platforms that are surrounded by tons of neon strips. You have to walk through it at the right time or you'll touch the neon. You then climb up another truss that uses blocks but there's neon under the truss that uses blocks and on top. It can get pretty scary but you can take your time. You jump off the truss and there's a long neon brick. There are spinning strips of blocks that come out from the left side. You have to go quickly on this part or you'll fall. After, you see a platform that is located under a square with a hole and includes neon. This part can get very scary but you can just walk off and land on the platform. Lastly, you have to do some jumps and watch out for the part with a long jump, and after that, you jump on some platforms making you reach the end.


  • The strips spin after one another, so when the first strip is perfectly straight, jump and run without stopping.
  • When going up the truss, adjust your screen so that you can see a kill block at the top, then jump off.
  • When this is the last section, you can do a wall hop to reach to the top faster.


  • This is the 21st section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • People often mistake the color of this section as a Secret Section.
  • This stage used to go to the left instead of the right.
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