Cylinder Chaos is a section created by mjbfam2 and added on an unknown date.


You start off with a platform that connects to a truss. The truss includes a neon brick on it. Some people might not see it because its located on a truss. Next, you jump into a cylinder with a hole that spins around. What makes it tricky that there's tons of neon cylinders that kill you. They are in different sizes, height and in random places. After, you jump on to 2x2 platforms. Then, you climb a truss with a neon truss on top of it. This part can get precise because if you're too low, you'll fall down and if you're too high, you get killed. Also, sometimes when you jump off, you sometimes don't jump and fall down a tiny bit. Lastly, after the truss, you hop on three 2x2 platforms.


  • You can wrap on top of the main hexagon as you miss the kill parts and can just walk straight ahead.
  • Walk precisely through the cylinder. Make sure you walk in the correct zone to avoid death.
  • People sometimes miss the 2x2 brick that comes after the cylinder, so make sure to watch where you are jumping.


  • This is the 80th section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • If you fall from the section above, you might fall onto the cylinder.
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