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Crushed is a section created by DerHausaufgabe and was added on December 4th, 2020.


This brown section starts with two identical paths that each include two trusses leading to a moving platform that the player has to go on. The moving platforms lead to more trusses and then go through a killpart wall. The player must jump off the moving platform before hitting this killpart.

The two pathways both have a small truss to jump between and a truss that both sides meet in the middle. Then there is a final pathway made of 5 small trusses the player must traverse to reach the end of the section.


  • Anticipate jumping onto the platforms before they are about to switch directions because they do not decelerate nor accelerate.
  • Be prepared to jump off the moving platform quickly so that you don't hit the killpart wall.
  • It is recommended to stand sideways on the moving platform so that it is easier for you to catch onto the truss.
    • It is also recommended to not jump onto the truss whilst in shift lock mode.
  • If you jumped off of the right platform and onto the truss, you can take a shortcut by jumping onto the last truss block.


  • This used to be the 155th section in The Tower of Hell.
  • This is the only section in the game where the moving platforms instantly changes directions without accelerating nor decelerating.
    • Ironically, if you freeze and unfreeze the platforms with the hourglass gear, they take a while to accelerate back up to speed, the reason for this is unknown.