Crimson Dive is a section created by Ordinary_Fiesta and added on September 13, 2018.


This section starts with a couple of trusses to the left and the right. They then lead to one whole long truss. After, they jump off a platform climbing a truss. If the player doesn't jump or jumps too early, they fall down and get killed by a neon brick. As the player makes the jump, they then jump to a platform with neon on the sides and then a platform with neon in the middle. Once they get past that part, they jump from a platform with trusses at the end to a truss leading to the next section. Once again, if the player doesn't jump or jumps too early, they get killed by a neon brick. Lastly, when the player climbs the truss, the player jumps to the next section.


  • This is the 31st section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • The color of the neon wasn't as bright before due to the lighting.
  • This section gets in the way of many sections below, due to the hit boxes that drop quite low.
  • This section is incompatible with the ending floor because the ladder on the first dive has the floor on top of it.
  • This section is incompatible if Cyclotron is below it, due to it spinning the whole tower.
  • You can go sideways on the neon sides and avoid jumping.
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