Tower of Hell Wiki

The Credits page on the menu is a place where it shows all the people that helped create Tower of Hell and the roles they had in doing so.

Game Design

The credit for game design is given to uwuPyxl and ObrenTune, the owner and co-owner of Tower of Hell respectively.

These two were the ones responsible for the original creation of the game, involving them coming up with the original concept as well as the ideas that make the game the way it is now.


The credit for programming is given to uwuPyxl.

uwuPyxl handles all of the programming of scripts for the game that allow the game to run and function as it does.


The credit for the interface is given to uwuPyxl.

uwuPyxl created the menu GUI, which allows players to buy things in the shop, look at and equip their effects, change their settings and more. Without this, the player would not be able to do many things without the use of commands, this creation makes the game far friendlier to the player.


The credit for graphics is given to uwuPyxl and LeetLego, a developer of Tower of Hell.

LeetLego was involved with making some of the graphics for the game including the images for the badges, the icons for gears and more. Alongside that, uwuPyxl made some of the game's other graphics.


The credit for the game's music is given to the developers Evanbear1 and BriefSerendipity.

All of the 18 tracks that randomly play in-game are produced by one of these two developers. This replaced the game's old music by Kevin MacLeod, who was previously listed in the credits instead.

You can see who made which of the tracks on the Soundtrack page.